Honeywell Horizon 7600

The Horizon™ 7600 scanner is compact, yet tough. Its performance, ruggedness and feature set make it an excellent fit for a variety of businesses. The 7600 scanner’s dense 20-line scan pattern provides fast, efficient throughput. And its integrated EAS antenna makes it easy for you to scan barcodes and deactivate security tags at the same time.   


The Horizon 7600 in-counter hands-free laser scanner combines excellent performance and compact yet rugged construction with retail-smart features. It’s an ideal choice for grocery stores, package depots, and businesses that must deactivate security tags at checkout.

  • Dense 20-line scan pattern provides fast, efficient throughput for your cashiers.
  • Measures (LxWxH) 88 x 229 x 193 mm (3.5 x 9.0 x 7.6 in) and weighs just 2.9 kg (6.3 lbs).
  • Compatible with almost every POS system on the market today.

We’ve also designed the Horizon 7600 scanner with additional features that improve ease of use, productivity and throughput.

If you use EAS security tags to reduce shrink, you’ll appreciate the scanner’s integrated RF EAS deactivation antenna. A single pass is all it takes to deactivate the security tag and scan the product’s barcode.

The Horizon 7600 scanner is also equipped with IR laser activation, which allows cashiers to “wake” the unit from a power save or sleep mode and read a barcode instantaneously.

And you can adapt the Horizon 7600 scanner to the needs of your business thanks to a RS232 auxiliary port. If your cashiers need to scan bulky, oversized objects, adding a handheld barcode scanner will make it easy. Or you can add a different peripheral such as a check reader or magnetic stripe reader – whatever best fits the needs of your cashiers and your customers.


Dimensions (LxWxH)

88 mm x 229 mm x 193 mm (3.5 in x 9.0 in x 7.6 in)



2.9 kg (6.3 lbs)



Input Voltage

5 VDC ± 0.25 V


Operating Power

2.6 W (500 mA @ 5 V)


Standby Power

830 mW (<165 mA @ 5 V)


Host System Interfaces

USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, IBM 46xx (RS485), OCIA, Laser Wand Emulation


Auxiliary Ports

RS232: Secondary Scanner or Scale, EAS



Operating Temperature

0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)


Storage Temperature

-40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)



5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing


Environmental Sealing

Sealed to resist airborne particulate contaminants


Light Levels

4842 Lux



Scan Pattern

Omnidirectional: 5 fields of 4 parallel lines


Scan Speed

2000 scan lines per second


Print Contrast

35% minimum reflectance difference


Pitch, Skew

60°, 60°


Decode Capability

Reads standard 1D and GS1 DataBar symbologies