Leading the Way to Voice-Enabling the Warehouse and DC

The addition of our voice solutions to your warehouse/DC operations offers you the transformative workforce performance gains you require, with the infrastructure flexibility you need. 

Vocollect solutions provide you with the immediate operational benefits you desire, without multi-year infrastructure commitments that reduce your flexibility to adapt to changes in the business environment. The Vocollect A700 Solution breaks down the long-time perceived walls between voice and scanning. Honeywell is proud to be the first and only organization in the world to offer an ergonomic solution that optimizes voice and scanning in a single mobile device. 

Our Superior Voice Recognition Matters

The acceptance and success of Vocollect amongst hundreds of thousands of users with a diverse range of dialects and local accents can be attributed to the world’s most accurate speech recognition software solution and our extreme recognition accuracy of in-vocabulary speech, developed specifically for the challenging industrial environment. We do not believe that “good enough” is good enough when it comes to voice recognition and the accuracy of our Vocollect Blue Streak recognition engine is the number one influencer in achieving a business payback on your investment and directly supports the high rate of end-user acceptance of our solutions.

Our ability to address out-of-vocabulary sounds is key to our overall success. As outlined in our white paper Speech Recognition in the Warehouse, we highlight how Vocollect voice excels at interpreting forklift beeps, pallet drops, fan/freezer noise and miscellaneous conversations. Vocollect is equipped with adaptive recognition that is continuously working to proactively respond to changing voice and environmental conditions and results in better performance over time. 

Global Presence

Vocollect is the most trusted and deployed voice solution and is deployed and working in 60 countries, in over 35 languages. We do offer Vocollect solution in Vietnamese language.